This site is still under construction. This is just an initial draft. Stay tuned...

Welcome to the home of Macro4Web

Please note: as you can read by the announcement above, this site is still under construction. I am also aware that the aesthetic appearance could be better, but writing content and designing the aspect of the site takes time and currently I have other priorities. Stay tuned...

What is Macro4Web?

Macro4Web is a Ruby script that I wrote to create my own web sites. (Yes, this one too!) The basic idea behind this script are

  1. Macro expansion
  2. Rails' philosopy "Convention over configuration"
In my opinion, Macro4Web is quite a nice and powerful piece of software. It is simple to use and it allows you to maintain a coeherent structure of your site with minimal effort and no repetition.

Should I use it?

It depends... Answer the following questions

  1. Are you searching for a GUI-based program?
  2. Do you want to create a complex site with DB access, customer handling and all that stuff?
  3. Are you afraid of editing HTML/CSS files "by hand" or do you just hate command lines?
  4. Don't you mind to apply the same changes to all the pages of your site the day you decide to change the navigation menu?
If the answer to the questions above are "yes," forget Macro4Web. If, on the other hand, you want to create a simple non excessively interactive site and you are confortable with editing HTML files, I think that you could find this software useful.

How do I install/use it?

Check the Documentation page.